When Reason Breaks (A Book Review in Poetry Form – Dickinson Style)

When Reason BreaksWhen Reason Breaks by Cindy L. Rodriguez

A book of hope, within despair—

A suicide attempt—

Two girls — high school — the pain and angst

Neither one is exempt.

Their teacher — was a poet too—

A fan of Dickinson—

She knew a student was hurting

She thought she knew which one.

In English class they became friends.

It almost seemed like fate.

Can the girl who needs it, get some help

Before it is too late?


Reverse Poem by Julie Wasmund Hoffman

My fear
Is bigger than
God’s love for me
“I want to run away.”
I will never again say
“I am free.”
“I can stay here and be okay.”
I believe
Vulnerability is terrifying.
I no longer think
I am lovable.
I will never be good enough.
It is not true that
I am strong.
I am damaged goods.
Nobody believes
There is joy available for me.
Sorrow is my only option.
I used to think
I am strong enough to let down my guard.
I now know that
“I am broken.”
I will no longer say
“I can be whole.”

Now read each line from the bottom to the top.