Paper Things – Chapters 11 through 15

Chapter 11 – Airplanes


”I reach down to pick up a penny,…” this is located in Chapter 11, page 96.


“An apartment.” This is located on page 96.  


When we got to the playground near Brigg’s, . . .” this is located on page 97.               

These  are charcoal pebbles, where Ari looked for coins (p. 97).                                                                 

Chapter 12 – Lunch Sacks

lunch sacks

I put this because Ari believed in imaginary sacks with happy moments in them.


arrowsups and dowms

I put these pictures because on page 105 it says “. . . we’ll all have experienced the same number of ups and downs”.


I put these pictures because Ari misses when Gage pulled April Fool’s Day pranks on her.


I put this because Daniel makes a bucket list and wants Ari to do some of it with him.


Chapter 13 – Invitations


Briggs is violating the lease because he only can have one person there.

flat bread

They used flat bread for their pizza.


Ari is trying to get a stain out of her white blouse.



Chapter 14 – Notes


Congress Street in Portland, Maine.


An ATM like the one Gage and Ari stopped at on page 129.



This might be what the stuffed hedgehog looked like.  It was actually a toy for Leroy, the dog, but Ari snuggled with it after her mom passed away.  (p. 132-133)
dh    house

These are examples of the dollhouse that Ari noticed in the guidance office (p.134).



Chapter 15 – Maps


These are Hot Wheels as mentioned on page 136.

hot wheels

These are Hot Wheels tracks.


Gage got a interview at Jiffy Lube.