Paper Things – Chapters 1 through 5



Chapter One – Score Cards


She was looking at the Pottery Barn catalog when she was eating breakfast.


Mama had fuzzy slippers before she died.


Gage and Ari had to live in a shelter for a little while.

Chapter Two – Manuals

Safety Patrol

Ari’s friend, Sasha, is a patrol leader. She might wear a vest like this.


Ari’ school is called Eastland Elementary School, and the mascot is the Tigers.  The Eastland Tigers are fictional (Jennifer Jacobson made them up), so here’s a picture of  Mike’s favorite team the Cincinnati  Bengals.

Chapter 3 – Catalogs


In chapter 3 Ari goes to her cubby at Head Start. This is an example of what it might  look like.

Chapter 4 – Library Cards

library cards

Chapter 5 – Paper Dolls

paper dolls

Ari makes paper dolls.  This picture is of old-fashioned paper dolls.  Ari makes hers from catalogs, which is more creative.


Chloe uses a baby carriage to transport groceries (p. 32-33).



They were making Hot Pockets for dinner at Chloe’s (p. 33).


Ari and Nate talked about the Sims game (p. 38).

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