Two More

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Ages 10 to 14

Coraline, an only child, lives in a flat with her mother and father, who are usually busy.  Coraline discovers a door that connects to the other flat.  When she figures out how to get over to the other side, she discovers some similarities and some differences compared to her side.  Even the “people” resemble her family.  Making her way back, if she can, will require facing darkness, desires, and fear.

My Rating:  3.5

The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis

Ages 11 to 99

Parvana lives in Afghanistan, with her well-educated family.  Unfortunately, the Taliban have control over the city where Parvana lives.  Her family has had to move out of their nice home, and now live in a small room with barely enough food, and no water.  The Taliban use violence and fear to control everything.  They have even called off school!  As the Taliban hurts Parvana’s family directly, she has to be brave and do some things that she never would have imagined.

My Rating:  5 Stars!!


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