I am my own worst oxymoron

“I like you,” they say.

“You are unique,

Like, nerdy cool.”

“You are crazy oversensitive,

But kind,

And tough, when you need to be.”

You know, they are right—

I am wonderfully complex.

I am meticulously scattered,

Brilliantly ignorant, and

Confidently insecure.

Narcissistically compassionate,

Fearlessly vulnerable,

Depressingly joyful,

Autonomously clingy,

Frugally luxurious,

Privately candid,

Predictably spontaneous,

Rebelliously respectful,

Decisively doubtful,

Enthusiastically indifferent,

Stoically engaged,

Indefatigably surrendering,

Faithfully fickle,

Responsibly childish,

Scientifically Creative,

Judicially Gracious, and

Tactfully emotional.

I am,


All of these things

Except for when I am the

Exact opposite.


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