NaPoWriMo Day 5 (back on track)


I was making a spectacle,

Dread detectable.

I had to step back,

Wipe my eyes and mind,

To see what I could find,

Align my spine—

Find out if I even have one left.


I found myself cyclical,

Continually cynical,

Questioning you,

And avoiding the reciprocal.


In retrospect, I must confess,

That while inspecting

the speck near you

I was ignoring the plank,

Driven like a stake,

Through my own vision.


I need time for introspection,

To review what is written,

Change my mission.


No need to defend

my position



When I look back,

and look again



I can see

That I need

To adjust my view

(And maybe my thinking),

Though I’ve no inkling

How to begin.


One response to “NaPoWriMo Day 5 (back on track)

  1. That’s cool how you have (re)spect and looking again. I never thought about the word that way. Thanks for helping me to take another look at it.

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