Poetry Month – Day 5

When I made the decision to post a poem each day of this month, it was with the intention of writing a different type of poem each day.  I keep coming across the Blitz poem (invented by Robert Keim), and I felt the need to try it.  It was challenging, but fun.  Here’s what I came up with…


Man o’ war

Man of steel

Steel boned corsets

Steel cut oats

Oats and whey

Oats and grains

Grains of sand

Grains of truth

Truth or dare

Truth be told

Told you twice

Told you so

So it goes

So you say

Say a prayer

Say my name

Name of names

Name that tune

Tune the piano

Tune in

In the closet

In the dark

Dark of night

Dark of day

Day of reckoning


Dream a dream

Dream and wish

Wish on a star

Wish me luck

Luck of the Irish

Luck be a lady

Lady and gent

Lady in waiting

Waiting on train

Waiting on a friend

Friend indeed

Friend in need

Need a break

Need a drink

Drink it up

Drink to that

That is all

That is enough

Enough to eat

Enough said

Said it all

Said it best